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Howard's Web bookmarks: Other Stuff

Main: Other Stuff

  • Reference (11) - Reference information, such as dictionaries, maps, etc.
  • Sky & Space (4) - Info on the Night Sky and Outer Space
  • Other's Bookmarks (158) - Bookmarks collected by other people or organizations
  • MTU (37) - MTU sites
  • U.S. Politics & Gov't (17)
  • Chain Mail Indexes (6) - Databases of chain mail, frauds, and such that have been extensively forwarded via e-mail
  • Thoughful (12) - Sites giving much to think about. Usually sites I disagree with, but with a lot of points I'm not yet sure of.
  • Climbing / Outdoors (24) - References and info on climbing, and other outdoor activities
  • Wedding Plans (13) - Web sites related to weddding of Jodi Falcusan and Myself, and to our honeymoon and reception.

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