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Nunome ipk

# Created ipk depends on qpf-cyberbit-120-50-t10
# Requires 3.9meg on PDA, plus the 3.5meg for above cyberbit font.
Provides: qpe-i18n-ja
Description: Nunome.  Japanese input method from Axe.  
Nunome input method in English
 More info available from Sikigami's Nunome page.

Ipk Creation

Created from nunome-Qtopia-zaurus.tar.gz (available by filling out questionaire in Japanese at Sikigami). I've saved what I did in a script called

If you are short on space, the install script included in the tarball from Sikigami may be a better choice. You have to recreate the library links yourself however:

cd /opt/QtPalmtop/plugins/inputmethods
ln -s /mnt/$FLASH/opt/QtPalmtop/plugins/inputmethods/
ln -s /mnt/$FLASH/opt/QtPalmtop/plugins/inputmethods/
ln -s /mnt/$FLASH/opt/QtPalmtop/plugins/inputmethods/
ln -s /mnt/$FLASH/opt/QtPalmtop/plugins/inputmethods/
Also, make sure you only keep one copy of the cyberbit font. Sikigami puts it in:
instead of: