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A more complete list of my

Leadership Experience:

MTU Undergraduate Student Government (12/97 to 5/98)
Participated in decision making on issues related to student life. Attempted to improve student conditions through keeping informed of campus issues, and serving on the Student Issues and the Teaching Standards committees. Also involved in General Education Reform and residence hall optional lifestyle decisions.

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (9/93 to 12/99)
Served on Executive Committee as Prayer and Outreach Coordinator. (9/96 to 5/97) Participated in month long Student Leadership Training program (Summer 1999)


Tokyo Linux Users Group
Discuss, examine, and furthering of Linux operating system and applications, especially as related to the Japanese language.
The Luncheon Group
Hold discussions on 'life, the universe, and everything,' over lunch and by e-mail. Hold off-beat group activities, such as a re-enactment of Monty Python's "Quest for the Holy Grail" across campus. A founding member. (4/94 to present)
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
Learn about, share and celebrate the Christian faith. Serving on an Executive position as Outreach Coordinator. (9/93 to 5/94, 9/95 to present)
Teacher Education Club
Learned about secondary teaching as a career. Discussed various teaching methods. Learned about the preparation needed to become a teacher in Michigan. (10/93 to 5/94)
General Motors Research / High School Research Program
Learned methods of scientific research through magnetic research. (10/92 to 8/93, also 12/93)