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A more complete list of my


Integration and Characterization Engineer (4/00 to present)
Read Channel Development, IBM Microelectronics, Burlington, VT
  • Determined and resolved problems with interaction of read channel and mobile disk drives.
  • Interacted with Japanese coworkers, aiding communication and cooperation.
  • Tested performance of read channel chips.

Firmware Engineer (12/99 to 1/00)
Enterprise Storage Division, Western Digital Corporation, Rochester, MN
  • Created Visual C++ test software to ensure excellent quality of server SCSI and Fibre Channel hard disk drives.
  • Examined firmware for compliance with customer requests for SCSI mode page functionality.
  • Clarification of problem areas to allow quick resolution.

Research Assistant Co-op (7/98 to 5/99)
C & C Media Research Lab, Nippon Electronics Corporation, (N.E.C.) Tokyo, Japan
  • Simulation, testing and design of echo-cancellation DSP adaptive filter systems for speech recognition systems.
  • Learned Japanese technical business practices.

Firmware Co-op Engineer (6/97 to 11/97)
Storage Systems Division, International Business Machines, (I.B.M.) Rochester, MN
  • Studied microcode and documentation (in Japanese) for hard drive interface processor for presentation to co-workers.
  • Researched performance of high-end hard disk drives, proving viability of new cache indexing alogrithm.

System Administrator / Lab Consultant (9/95 to 5/97)
Foreign Language Lab, Michigan Technical University, Houghton, MI
  • Maintained and improved language learning computer software.

Volunteer Computer Support (6/96 to 8/96)
Wycliffe Bible Translators, Togo, Western Africa
  • Upgraded e-mail, virus protection, and other software.
  • Configured specialized language entry software.
  • Maintained Windows network.
  • Answered users' questions.

System Administrator, Foreign Language Lab, Humanities Dept., M.T.U., 49931;
Install and maintain language learning software. Teach Monitors use of software. Participate in purchasing decisions. Maintain 9 computers. (3/96 to present)
Foreign Language Lab Monitor, Humanities Dept., M.T.U., 49931;
Copied tapes. Helped language students. Set up language software on computers. (9/95 to 3/96)
Volunteer Systems Operator (SysOp), Japan Center for Michigan Universities, Shiga-ken, Japan;
developed and maintained a user interface for a remote login system. Answered user's questions about WordPerfect 5.1, Unix, MS-DOS, and Macintosh systems. (12/94 to 5/95)
Cashier, Total Petroleum, Inc., Roseville, MI 48066;
Operated cash register, stocked merchandise. (6/94 to 8/94)
Janitorial Staff, Wadsworth Residence Hall, M.T.U., 49931;
Cleaned bathrooms at 7:00 a.m., Saturdays and Sundays. Shoveled snow 6:00 a.m. Mondays. (8/93 to 2/94)
Volunteer Head of Computer Security, Roseville High School, Roseville, MI 48066;
Installed and maintained software of library P.C. computer, and protected against unauthorized use. (9/92 to 6/93)