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  From: Chris Bergstedt <clbergst>
  To  : ktkieper, hrabbey, delugaue
  Date: Wed, 16 Feb 1994 14:57:54

Re: Howards?

Korey and the Dan kid,  

They've got those little metal property of MTU stickers on every thing down
here.  The computers, the tables, the chairs, they've probably got one stuck
to the side of dhh somewhere.  

You know what we need.  We need a Howard constant to replace all those
cumberson constants in the rate equations and gas laws and all those things
if we had just one constant based on Howard everything would be a lot
simpler.  I come up with one myself but I thought you might be better expert
(if such a thing exists) on Howards.  To go with the Howard constant we need
a Howard number like Pi or e but better.  And just one to replace the two of
them and any other similar things out there that I don't know about.

In other Howard questions.  I assume a Howard of mass is equal to the mass
of Howard.  If I am wrong please correct me.  I would not want to be caught
using Howards incorrectly.  In other questions what would be a Howard of
pressure.  I put that to you to figure out. 

Chris "Howards Forever" Bergstedt

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