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  From: Korey Kiepert <ktkieper>
  To  : howard <>
  Date: Mon, 14 Mar 94 10:13:28 EST

Somebody (and I don't know who) seems to have sent me all mail on Howard units
while I was away.  Who did this to me?  Why did you do this to me?  As a member
of the board that determines Howard units, I already have all this Howard unit 
stuff that you sent me.  So why?  

A Howard unit update:  For saftey reasons, Howard should only come out of his 
room to be measured once a year.  At this time, he should be pushed in a wheel
chair by two people.  One will be pushing Howard and the other will be there to
control the wheel chair in the instance that the other person should lose 
control of it.

Have you been getting strange Howard mail too?  
When did it go into syndication?

I will get to the bottom of this one, but I figured the best place to start
would be at the source: HOWARD.

					Inspector "Clue-so-what"

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