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  From: Korey Kiepert <ktkieper>
  To  : howard <>
  Date: Mon, 14 Mar 94 10:20:51 EST

I shall yet laugh last

Alright, so it was you.  I should have known that such a massive emailing 
would require a Howard of creativity.  I shall laugh last....I didn't check 
my email until now. I can be thankful that you didn't start a new unit system
on me, you know, one with conversions between Howards and some new units.

Gosh, this is so wierd not talking to you in so long.  Galen said he saw you the
other day.  Stop on over sometime. I have three cookies left (These are a fresh 
batch.  Everyone seems to be eating them.  )

Work awaits the one who has it to do.

				(The guy with a mailbox on Howard units)

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