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  From: Anna Przywara <>
  To  :
  Date: Mon, 14 Mar 94 20:45:18 EST

> Question:  How many breathes are in a Howard?

  Answer?:  Not very many, because a Howard is such a small unit.
            Not much air is required to support life.
> Question:  Can a Howard represent the past in units measured in anti-Howards
>            that regress towards the unmentionable concept of a minus Howard 
> 	   with which speaking of Howards would in this sense be thought of
> 	   as negative and thus bad?

  Answer?:  Yes, a Howard can represent the past in units.  It would be linear
            measurement.  There would be one axis of time measured in a unit
            of a Howard.  The origin would be at the time of Howard's birth.
            Anything to the left of this point would be negative, and anything
            to the right would be positive.  Thus, we are living in a positive
            time.  The axis gets fuzzy at Howard's death.

  Question:  What would be the measurement for regret?

  Answer?:  It would depend on how many messages Howard received because
            of his little joke on Korey.

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