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  From: Korey Kiepert <ktkieper>
  To  : howard <>
  Date: Thu, 17 Mar 94 17:11:54 EST

A warning.

Hello everybody.  I just ate dinner with Chris Schaefer and well...let's just
say the boy had a lot to say.  It was brought to my attention that he eats 
at the later lunch with Howard, Adam, Chris and whoever else.  Here are some
of his quotes:

"A Howard can never be a Howard."

"Howard units are stupid."

The poor lad apparently does not quite grasp the chaos that is involved with
the Howard System of Measurement.  You might want to discuss this with him the 
next time you see him, since you all seem to be hard core Howard users.

This update in Howard Measurement was brought to you by Tide Detergent, now 
in its new .12 Howard container size.

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