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  Date: Sat, 12 Feb 94 13:28:13 GMT-0500


February 12, 1994


	Thought that you might enjoy seeing what that wonderfull  
person named Korey Kiepert passed onto me.  Your a genius Howard!


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From: Korey Kiepert <>
Subject: HOWARDS
To: (Chris Bergstedt), (delugaue), (Anna Przywara),
Date: Fri, 11 Feb 94 11:51:28 EST
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>From ktkieper Fri Feb 11 11:47:17 1994

To: (howard)
Date: Fri, 11 Feb 94 11:47:17 EST
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Standard Units in the Howard Sytem of Measurment:

Time: Howards.  It is zero Howard when Howard gets up in the morning  
		5oo Howards when he goes to bed.  Breakfast occurs at  
		Howards, lunch at 200, dinner at 300, and snack at  

Distance: Howards.  A length of one Howard is that distance from the  
feet of
		    Howard to the top of his head.

Velocity: Howards(d)/Howards(t)	Velocity is the distance travelled  
per unit
				time.  It shall be so.

Accelleration: Howards(d)/Howards(t)SQUARED	Accelleration shall  
be so.

Actual Velocity in Howards:  Your standard rate of motion in  
comparison with 

			     that of Howard at a given instance in  

Actual Accelleration in Howards: 	Your accelleration in  
comparison with
					that of Howard at a given  
instance in

Anger: Howard Roberts

Sanity: Howards.  	There shall be a scale of 10 with the Sanity  

			Howard being that of 5, or the level of  

Angular Measurements:  Howards.	The angle that Howard makes in  
relation to 

				the ground will be a 1 Howard angle.   

				other angles can be found in relation  
to this

Engergy: Howards.	The blood sugar level of Howard at any give  
time shall
			be the new standard from which energy is  
based.  It 

			SHALL become 1 howard unit of energy.

Heat:	Howards.	Whatever the temperature of Howard in  
accordance with
			Kelvin at any given time shall be 1 howard.

This is the National Standards listing of Howard Units as of 2-11-94.
Please be informed of new Howard units.
				The Howard Institute for Measurement  

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