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  From: Chris Bergstedt <clbergst>
  To  : ktkieper, delugaue, clbergst, hrabbey
  Date: Mon, 14 Feb 1994 09:59:46


[I deleted the header info]


I have comments on your system of Howards.
>Standard Units in the Howard Sytem of Measurment:

->Time: Howards.  It is zero Howard when Howard gets up in the morning and
->                5oo Howards when he goes to bed.  Breakfast occurs at 100
->                Howards, lunch at 200, dinner at 300, and snack at 400.

Question, what is the time when Howard is asleep or in this system does that
not exist.

->Distance: Howards.  A length of one Howard is that distance from the feet
->                    of Howard to the top of his head.

Looks good to me.

->Velocity: Howards(d)/Howards(t) Velocity is the distance travelled per unit
->                                time.  It shall be so.

->Accelleration: Howards(d)/Howards(t)SQUARED     Accelleration shall be so.

This also looks good.

->Actual Velocity in Howards:  Your standard rate of motion in comparison
->                             with that of Howard at a given instance in    
->                             time.

->Actual Accelleration in Howards:   Your accelleration in comparison        
->                                   with that of Howard at a given 
->                                   instance in time.

I think this should be called your absolute acceleration & velocity relative
to Howard, since in this system Howard is the center of the universe and
everything relative to him is absolute.

->Anger: Howard Roberts

->Sanity: Howards.        There shall be a scale of 10 with the Sanity of 
->                        Howard being that of 5, or the level of normalcy.

Why not?

As I have to go to class now my comments on the rest of the Howard system of
measurement will have to wait until some time in the future.           

->This is the National Standards listing of Howard Units as of 2-11-94.
->Please be informed of new Howard units.
->                                The Howard Institute for Measurement 1994

Chris "Viva Howards" Bergstedt

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