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  From: delugaue
  To  :
  Date: Wed, 16 Feb 1994 13:40:59

Re: The Organization fo Less Precise Speech

Chris is absolutely right.  She said that generalized statements make more
sense to him and to other people than say completely and utterly
incomprehensibly speech with exact values and too many interesting
adjectives.  Maybe I am wrong to say that what I just wrote is what Chris
ment to mean.  In that case I only got 45% of his idea right and that the
remaining 87% is wrong.  Oh well.  Since dogs only live a short time, 8.943
years, I can assume that Chris is a senior citizen.  Maybe his Ideas are
confusing (43.785% of his ideas anyways) because he is going senial.  
I propose we join Chris in her quest for less precise speech as of 1:35 on
wednesday afternoon.  Opps.  I mean that we should officially declaire our
support as of the A.D. times.  That's better.

A man (precisely I am a man)
An 49.2 percent angery member of O.L.P.S.

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