Howard's Web bookmarks

Bookmarks @ Yahoo
Collection of my bookmarks on Yahoo accessible via the web.
Our Daily Bread: A Daily Devotional

Finances / Bills

IBM CU Home Teller
IN OnlineTax filing
choice of normal, EZ, etc
ING Direct
On-Line bank
PayPal Login
On-line payment and banking service
Policyholder Service Center
Search for Quicken Banks
Search for financial institutions that work with Quicken

Credit Cards

Visa, Mastercard, etc. on line access

AAA Visa
Jodis visa card with gas rebate
Chase Online - Download Activity
Chase Online -
Citibank Account Online - Sign On
NRA Visa Logon
Direct logon to NRA / First National Bank Omaha credit card site


Student Loans, Research into Mortgages, other info

NelNet Account
bills, payment, update info
U.A.S. Account
bills, payment, update info
University Accounting Service
overview web page of U.A.S.

Stocks / funds / investments

stocks, bonds, other investments

Access Your TreasuryDirect Account
MetLife Defined Contribution Group - Stock Market Investments Trading, Tracking, and Analysis
Scottrade Login
TreasuryDirect Applications
Yahoo Stock choosers
Only for Windows?
Yahoo Stock screener
HTML based
Yahoo! Finance - Mutual Fund Screener


Billing and statements for Phone, Electric, etc.

Cinergy PSI Electric
Electric company for Kokomo
MCI Account Manager
MySBC (SM) - Log In
View B.A.M. Wireless Bill

New / Need Sorting

A Handbook of Basic Doctrines
ATF Online
Acses, the Universe's Smartest Bookfinder: Standard Search
Habitat for Humanity International
Kokomo-Howard County Public Library :: Library Online Catalog
Linux Mailing Lists in Japanese
Lode: MTU new Gen.Ed Committee Free Textbooks and Notes
Power Link
ProcessTree Partner Information
SNS Accessibility Guidelines
small business planning and advice at
Welcome to the Ultimate Animanga Archive
Wired 4.12: The Transparent Society

frm NEC 2-8-99

bookmarks copied from work Feb. 8 1999

NEC rdad LifeNet
NEC-CL Igo-Club
NEC-CL Igo-Club (NEC中研 囲碁部)
NEC at a Glance : Multimedia/C+C


Digital Signal Processing stuff

.Plan of Mr.Sugiyama
Audio/Acoustics Research Group
C&C Media Lab WWW Page
Echo Canceller
Info file for recorded Car data
My Echo Canceller Documentation
Signal Processing Research Laboratory Home Page
Some Data taken
Directory listing of /home/dsp3/habbey/Simulation/jpgData
Year-End Party Photos

Related pages

pages related to work (mostly from outside sources)

Andreas Spanias WWW Page
IBM ViaVoice Developers - Talking Concept Car
Multirate Signal Processing Group
This page was given by a visiting speaker on Image and Video compression.
TSP Lab - Theses


Archived Messages
Bible Pacifism
Bobbsey Twins Formats
Browse Top Level > Texts > Project Gutenberg > Authors > L > Laura Lee Hope
Checks In The Mail
source of cheap checks
Howard's Web bookmarks GospelCom.Net
Japanese Section of EMU
Plow Creek Church and Fellowship is an intentional Christian community in rural Tiskilwa, Illinois affilliated with the Mennonite Church.
Snowfall amounts In Keewenaw

New MI Home search - Gallery of Homes - modular, manufactured, custom, multi-family
No Name
Tadian Homes - Our Communities

PLYMOUTH, MI 48170 Find a Home - Listing Detail Find a Home - Listing Detail Find a Home - Listing Detail Find a Home - Listing Detail


News sources (updated quite often)

Google News
Mission Network News On-line! News for Nerds. Stuff that matters.
Weather.Gov: Kokomo, IN

Misc News

Rarely used news sites

ABCNEWS.COM: News Now Summary
Action 5 Local News WBKP Upper Michigans ABC Affiliate
Asahi NewsPaper english
BBC News | World
CNN (Cable News Network) home page (
CNN: News Summary
Macomb Daily Newspaper
Nikkei Net - Features: Shifting Yen
Slashdot: Search for IBM
The Gadgeteer - Home
Town Hall: Conservative News and Information
Washington Post
ZDNNews: Page One


News relating to Michigan Technological University

EE.MTU Alumni Newsletter
Electronic Display System - Main
MTU Breaking News
MTU Home Pg.
Michigan Technological University
Michigan Tech Topics
old site for news from Michigan Tech, a newsletter called Tech Topics
TechAlum News

Sky and Space

weather and astronomical news

The Weather Channel - Tokyo, JP
Tokyo hourly Weather
Weather Underground: Houghton, Michigan 天気予報

Other Stuff

Book of Mozilla Egg
The Book of Mozilla, 12:10
Mozilla Japanese Egg
Westminster Abbey
Westminster Abbey - Place of Worship and House of Kings <


Career search sites, job hunting, resume tips / databases, etc.
JobSmart:Career Guides
JobSmart -- Career Guides Index <
Linux Job avail listing for Howard Abbey
MTU Career Center
Salary Calculator: cost of living
The International Salary Calculator: relocation, cost of living, real estate


Sites dealing with working and finding a job in Japan, or related to Japan

Japanese Jobs: Bilingual Japanese Employment Resource Center
Jobs in Japan and Employment in Asia
Safe Jobs In Japan - Employment Services
Tokyo Consulting Services

Possible Working Locations

Places I might like to work

Pacific HiTech Positions Available

Chain Mail Indexes

Databases of chain mail, frauds, and such that have been extensively forwarded via e-mail

Computer Virus Myths home page
Data Fellows Anti-Virus HOAX warnings page
Latest Hoax information
University of Michigan Virus Busters
Urban Legends and Folklore - Welcome from The Mining Co.


Christian Sites / Organizations

Bible Baptist Church
Bible Foundation e-Text Library
Cedar Campus
Master Plan Ministries Daily Seeker Series
Missions Opportunities Database
Our Daily Bread: A Daily Devotional
The Christian Missions Home Page & The Great Commission Search Engine


Gospel Communications Network Site hosts a lot of other organizations

Audio Scriptures Online, mp3's
Bible Gateway
Bible Gateway - Search the Bible in Nine Languages and Multiple Bible Versions
Campus Journal
Gospel Communications Network
IVP Online; Hard Sayings of the Bible Excerpt
My Utmost For His Highest: Daily Devotional
Our Daily Bread
What's New @ Gospelcom.Net


books, coins, other old stuff

Bobbsey Twins

brief history

Bobbsey Twins Authorship
Bobbsey Twins Bibliography
PageWise history


Places to buy or sell



Computer Related Information

AtDot E-Mail Services: Send a message
Bare Bones Guide to HTML
Building a reliable NT server, Part 1 - SunWorld - January 1999
Chatter Bots (Language AI)
The Simon Laven Page This page is a good collection of attempts to get computers to have believable conversations.
CrossWire Software- Free Christian Educational Bible Software Society
Downloads - Gaim
Linux Games - Wine Gaming Success Stories
MATLAB Help Desk
MIT distribution site for PGP
MTU Modem Notice
NWS.NET DynamicDNS - DVD for every OS
RC5-64 Stats -MTU Team
Reynolds Technology Spam Issues
Robots Beware
Solution Technology (SCSI training)
TPC Newsgroups
Tokyo PC user group sponsored Newsgroup server. <
TUCOWS (VT Mirror)
The Internet FAQ Consortium
The Monash Nihongo ftp Archive
The hidden features of Netscape Navigator ouuups Mozilla !
Timur Tabi's Guide for New and Potential OS/2 Users
Vector Software Downloads- Japanese
ライブラリ; have for OS/2, Win, Linux. have some must have utilities like IME for OS/2
VersaLogic Corp. Price Request Form Submission Successful
Required Registration, also:
Win32 under OS/2 Info (printer drivers, cdrom drivers, modem drivers, sound drivers, mouse drivers, monitor drivers, etc.) -
WinNT vs. UNIX
Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 versus UNIX Very Pro-Unix site


Info for HP200LX Palmtop PC

HP Currency Update
Currency Conversion Macro Generator by Peter Watkins HP Currency Conversion Update Macro
HP Palmtop Ring
Morphy 1 Info (Nihongo)
About Morphy Plannning & Co., Ltd.
Old Dos Warez
Files that will run on HP200LX, with out regard to copyright, in part because nothing is available any more
PNR mail & news for HP
Index of /rwhitby/download - source of PalmTop News Reader, LXTCP?, etc.
FTP Directory:
S.U.P.E.R. - Just the new stuff please...
S.U.P.E.R.-Top 20 files
S.U.P.E.R. - Top 20 files downloaded from S.U.P.E.R. since March 5, 1997
Tech Notes: HP 100/200LX
The Palmtop Network


Products for sale, either hardware or software

Goin' Postal
HP 200LX Memory Upgrade
HP Bible Prog.
Tom Hoover's Home Page, featuring HisWord Palmtop Bible
Hewlett-Packard HP100LX/HP200LX Speed/Memory Upgrades
Home Page: The HP Palmtop Paper Online
Marcan Distribution Computer Superstore. Palmtops, Memory, Hard Drives and More!
carries HP200LX
Rundel Datentechnik: Handheld Computing Index
WWW/LX - the Internet Solution in Your Pocket!


Hardware Info, drivers, utilities

Beep Codes
Canon USA Consumer Products - Support - BJC-4100
FTP Directory:
IBM Home and Away Ethernet and Data/Fax Modem Credit Card Adapter Technical Support
IBM SSD Tech support
IBM Hard Drive Technical Support Pages
iomegazine(tm) - Zip - MP3 Hardware Guide
PCI-SCSI Software to Download
Partition Magic FAQ
QDI - Product Spec - Commander
QDI - Support - BIOS/Driver - Commander ATX
SCSI Host Adapters Parameters

Linux Drivers

Hardware specific software for Linux

Digital Cameras (photopc) 4 Linux
Contains info and programs for my digital camera, and many others, for use with Linux
Mpm4Linux - The First Linux Driver


sites on I-Opener net terminal

I-Hacked My I-Opener, Whoops!
I-opener and Linux
i-opener information
IHack ML Resources / Misc
IOpener Simulator
netpliance devcorner


Linux Information / Software Web Sites

Linux Archive Search: Welcome
Linux Documentation Project
Linux Knowledge Base
Linux Online - Linux Software Map
Linux Online - The Linux Home Page
TLUG's FTP server
Tokyo Linux Users Group

Drivers in Hardware folder

Linux drivers and other hardware specific software for linux is under Computer, Hardware, Linux Drivers


[fm] welcome to
Issue #55: Six Lies About Linux - Focus On Linux - 12/07/98
Linux Gazette Index Page
Linux Today: Monday, October 19, 1998
Linux Weekly News
Win98 Refund Success


Linux Quake Page
LinuxGames: Even Penguins like to have fun
The Linux Game Tome


Sources of specific or specialized types of software for Linux

Amaya Overview
Replay Associates, L.L.P. a source of Cryptographic software for software illegal in U.S.
Flight Gear Flight Simulator
[fm] welcome to
Installing the Procmail Filters Kit
Junkbusters Home Page
Linux Home Automation
LinuxGames: Linux LAN Party
Loki Entertainment Software | Home | The Games that Linux People Play
Software Wish List: Category List
Mail filter for procmail
The Dotfile Generator
UNIXhelp for users
X10 Ephem


-*-*- Linux's Ports -*-*-
Debian FTP Mirror
Debian Packages
ELKS code
Robert's Homepage
GNome Package Listing
Many nice programs, all GPL'd. Some look VERY good.
Itsy Pocket Computing Project
LDP: Linux Development Projects
The Linux Documentation Project: Linux Development Projects
RRedHat Package Listing
RPMs for RedHat Linux
Red Hat Installation Guide
Red Hat Software, Inc.
SEUL - Simple End User Linux
tomsrtbt home page
TurboLinux 2.0 (English version) Users' Guide
Welcome to Red Hat Linux


Corel WordPerfect 4 Linux
Corel WordPerfect 7 For LINUX
Corel WordPerfect 8 for Linux


Quake II info

[ Linux Quake and Utilities ]
Fahrenheit176's Quake 2 Console Commands List
Gamers Extreme Quake II Bible - Multiplayer Strategies, Tactics, Tips and Hints for Quake II
Impact Development Team
Linux Quake 2 Mods
Linux Quake Page
PlanetQuake Featured Article: 3D Gaming With Linux
Quake 2 Manual

This One

CNET Bandwidth Meter Speed Test - Bandwidth Test
NTop NetStats
SurfBoard Cable Modem Config and Info


Default Bookmarks from various sources

Mozilla Firefox Start Page

Default Sony

Default Bookmarks on Work Sony Vaio

Internet Access
Music Services
Radio Station Guide

Sony Bundled Software

America Online
Apple Quick Time
Intuit Quicken Basic

Sony Online

Charlie's Angels Full Throttle
Sony ImageStation
Sony Music
Sony Pictures
VAIO Music Services


My Sony
Sony Home
Sony Store
VAIO Support

VAIO Special Offers

Adobe Offers
Boingo Wireless Offer
Corel Offers
DataMigration Offer
Defragmentation Offer
Microsoft Offers
Visual Communicator Offer
Wireless Networking Offer


Default bookmarks on Firefox web browser

Pre Ver 1.5

Firefox & Mozilla Information

Information about Firefox and Mozilla

Firefox Discussions
MozillaZine's Firefox discussion forums
Firefox Extensions
Firefox add-ons and extensions
Firefox Themes
Firefox themes
Mozilla community news and advocacy

Firefox Bookmarks Toolbar Folder

Add bookmarks to this folder to see them displayed

Firefox Help
David Tenser's Firefox help site
Firefox Support
MozillaZine's Firefox Support forum
Plug-in FAQ
Firefox Plug-in Frequently Asked Questions

Quick Searches

Handy searches that can be performed in the addressbar Quicksearch
Type "dict <WORD>" in the addressbar to perform a dictionary look-up
Google Quicksearch
Type "google <SEARCH TERM="">" in the addressbar to perform a Google search
I'm Feeling Lucky Quicksearch
Type "goto <TERM>" in the addressbar to visit Google's top listing for that term
Stock Symbol Quicksearch
Type "quot <SYMBOL>" in the addressbar to perform a stock symbol look-up
Using Firefox Quick Searches
Learn how to create and use Firefox custom keywords and quick searches

Ver. 1.5

Mozilla Firefox Start Page

Bookmarks Toolbar Folder

Add bookmarks to this folder to see them displayed on the Bookmarks Toolbar

Getting Started
Latest Headlines

Firefox and Mozilla Links

Firefox Central
Firefox Start Page
Get Involved - Help spread Firefox!
Mozilla Developer Center
Mozilla Store
Themes and Extensions

Quick Searches

Handy searches that can be performed in the location bar Dictionary Quicksearch
Type "dict <WORD>" in the location bar to perform a dictionary look-up
Google Quicksearch
Type "google <SEARCH TERMS="">" in the location bar to perform a Google search
Stock Symbol Quicksearch
Type "quote <SYMBOL>" in the location bar to perform a stock symbol look-up
Wikipedia Quicksearch
Type "wp <SOMETHING>" in the location bar to look up something in Wikipedia, a free online encyclopedia.

I.E. 6 on Dell

Favorites that came with Dell & Internet Explorer
Radio Station Guide


Dell Auction


Customize Links
Free Hotmail
Windows Marketplace
Windows Media


stores, receipes, and other info on edible items

Hometown Favorites
The Candy Store

Internatn'l Info

International Info of all kinds, on Japan and elsewhere.

HP Currency Update
Currency Conversion Macro Generator by Peter Watkins HP Currency Conversion Update Macro
Info on Malta Grazio's MALTA VIRTWALI <
OANDA Currency Info
OANDA Currency Converter, Universal Currency Exchange Rates, Charts, Forecasts
US State Dept. -Consular Affairs
International Safety bulletins, Counsular information on all countries around the world.


Information related to Japan

Fuji Weather Report
stops updating in off season?
Gaijin Pot for jobs, matchmaking, money in Japan
Japan Travel Updates
Japan Handy Phone: Phone rental
Japan Industry and Technology Management Program
Japan phone Dir.
Japan Telephone Directory, TOWNPAGE
Jim Breen's WWWJDIC
MapFanWeb Japan Maps
MapFanWeb インタ
Tokyo Consulting Services
Tokyo Subways
Welcome to Tokyo Classified


AudioBooks: Pimsleur Language Programs: Japanese
Japanese Insta-Class Page
Jennifer's language page
Jim Breen's WWWJDIC
Language Quest
Multilingual axe in my head -frm InFAQ
How to say Oh my God, I've an axe in my head in many languages
Nihongo <IMG align=absmiddle SRC=/languages/japanese/japanese.gif height=24 width=78>: Ryokousha no Tame no (English)


Jim Breen's WWWJDIC
Monash nihongo mirror
Rikai Translation
recommended by Danielle Peloso
WWWJDIC Text-Word Translation


Customize Links
Free Hotmail
Windows Marketplace
Windows Media


MTU sites

Electronic Display System
Electronic Display System - Main
Events at MTU
Events at Michigan Tech!
H.A.R.O. Homepage
IT RealVideo
mainpage - IT MediaWeb: Pilot Program guide
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship of Michigan Technological University
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship of Michigan Tech
Lake Superior Temperatures
Michigan Sea Grant Coastwatch Lake Superior Homepage <
MTU Career Center
MTU Directory Search
MTU Food Service Hours
MTU Home Pg.
Michigan Technological University
MTU InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
MTU Lode
Michigan Technological University Online Lode
MTU Pictures
especially good for Fall colors
MTU Registrar
OSRR Students; Student oriented page
MTU Search Tools
Michigan Tech Campus Weather
Snowmobile Houghton Hancock!
Student Info Sys.
Banner system for grades, transcripts, and class registration. <
TechAlum News
The Insight Mailing List Archives

USG / Admin

Sites dealing with Undergraduate Student Gov.'t, or MTU's administration

CAC Security Subcommittee
MTU Admin.
MTU Administration Offices Home
MTU Policies
Schedule of Administrative Deadlines
USG '97 Elections
Six News
Undergraduate Student Government

Curriculum Change

Web pages relating to the changing over to Semesters at MTU

GENERAL EDUCATION TASK FORCE official home page (MTU Administration)
set up by the chair of the committee, Vice Provost for Instruction, Stephen H. Bowen
General Education task force begins at Tech
Lode article of Jan. 28,1998
Transition 2000

Non-MTU sites

Non-MTU sites dealing with College curriculm & it's change

NSEE - Other Resources
National Center for Curriculum Transformation
National Society for Experiential Education
The University of Illinois at Chicago Undergraduate Catalog 1997-99

Reason for Change

History of the decision to change from quarters to semesters

Undergraduate Student Government - Semesters vs. Quarters

Music / Radio /Movie

Air 1 Network - playing Contemporary Christian Music; the first Christian Radio Station to be LIVE 24/7 on the Internet. Praise Jesus our Lord through music.
Heywood Banks
The OFFICIAL Heywood Banks Web Site
NHK World Radio
Plugged In Online
Preview Family Movie and TV Review
The Shadow Radio Theater - Listen!
WMPL 93.5 The ModernRock Alternative
Yesterday USA Superstation

People / Friends

People I know, and thier web pages.

eBay Bidder List: Tess Carson
Emi Nakamura's WWW Page
Hot Chili Pepper Home Page
Miss Murakami of Japan
Listing of directory: /murakamijp/ She works at AOL, wanted to practice English.
Serena Coon
Serena Coon and her familys fight with cancer
Tamara's Pix
Tamara Jordan Grubbs Photo collection on Yahoo. Tamara is a long time friend of Jodis


Sites dealing with Myself, various incarnations in the form of e-mail addresses and web sites, and sites of interest about me. (actual URL)
My web pages (, InfoSeek, ABCNews)
eBay View About Me for howardabbey
Howard's Public Yahoo! Calendar
Howard's HomePage
Index of /
My Web pgs (locally served)
My Web pgs.(local files)
copy of my web pages on my own hard drive. These are the originals. <
My page @ GeoCities
Redirected to my home Page
Actually right now to Dad's, but... <
WBS File Manager
Welcome to NetForward
Welcome to Netforward (text only)

4 My web pages

sites that may be worthy linking to from my own web pages

1. Free Speech Responsibility green ribbon decency censorship
Cache Now!
DoubleClick Ad cookie Opt Out
FTP Directory: Where I should upload my web pages
FTP @Webjump
FTP Directory: Where I should upload my web pages.
Free Yellow And You!
Home Page for Locks of Love
John Bell's Christian Art Gallery FAQ (National Rifle Association) Graphics Page Banners
WebJump - Support
Webmaster Resources
Westminster Abbey

Old Sites
Howard's 1meg homepage
Local Copy (WWWOffLe Served)

Sites that mention me

Friends of the Japan Technology Management Program
Insight-L Archives (97/98)
The Insight Mailing List Archives
Insight-L Archives (98/99)
The Insight Mailing List Archives
MTU Directory search for Me
RC-64 History for hrabbey
RC5-64 - Participant Search [hrabbey]
RC5-64 Stats - MTU Team
RC5-64 - Team Members Listing [260]
USG - Officer Election Results
Yahoo E-mail Search for Me
Yahoo! People Search: Email Basic Search Results <

Gen.Ed Task Force Minutes

Some Gen.Ed Task Force Minutes - My attendence is noted on these pages

General Education Development Task Force
General Education Development Task Force
General Education Development Task Force
General Education Development Task Force
General Education Development Task Force


Tokyo Linux Users Group References to me, pictures of me at meetings, e-mail from me on TLUG mailing list archive.

TLUG Meeting Aug.8, 1998
TLUG Meeting Aug.8, 1998
TLUG Meeting Aug.8, 1998
TLUG mailing list archive query for Howard Abbey
Result for query Howard Abbey
The September Nomikai


Reference information, such as dictionaries, maps, etc.

Alex E-text search
Alex: A Catalogue of Electronic Texts on the Internet
AltaVista: Translations
BitLaw: A Resource on Technology Law
Book Covers
source for mylar book / book jacket covers
Jim Breen's WWWJDIC
Jim Breen's WWWJDIC
Web Dictionary
Mylar Covers
Information on book dust jacket Mylar Covers
OANDA Currency Info
OANDA Currency Converter, Universal Currency Exchange Rates, Charts, Forecasts
The Baby Name Wizard: NameVoyager
The official U.S. time - clock
Yahoo! Maps and Driving Directions
Yamada Language Guides


Store / Auction Sites

1-800 PRESENT's Biggest Selection
an on-line store
- Computer Discount Warehouse; Large U.S. mail order company
CNHI Media Classified Marketplace
Computer Geeks
The Computer Geeks Product Directory
The Guide To Where To Buy Computer Products: ComputerESP
Dirt Cheap Drives
Web Store of a cheap source of drives.
EBay HP200lx search - Everything and Anything for Linux
Motherboard Solutions
Motherboard Solutions Online, your motherboard and upgrade source
My Ebay
Sign In for Ebay.Com, auction site
Price Watch
Price Watch(tm) - Street Price Search Engine
Realtor Listing Lookup
MLS multiple listing service; enter at bottom of search page
Sportsman's Guide
has many Army Surplus items.
TechStore: APC UPS
recommended by Bart Green, I believe
ThinkGeek :: Stuff for Smart Masses
Yahoo! Groups : Kokomo-FreeCycle Messages : 2484-2514 of 2514


buying and selling automobiles

a used car dealer with big internet presence and no haggling
New car buying site, includes instant quotes. Recommended by Frank

In Japan

AKIBA PC Hotline!
Japanese Computer store
Japanese Computer Store


Stuff may want to buy

Portable Poster Displays
Highly protable and colorful used by many missionaries for booths. Xtralite brand is used by John Murdoch


Search Engines

Ameritech yellowpages
Ameritech (147491)
Bible Gateway
Bible Gateway - Search the Bible in Nine Languages and Multiple Bible Versions
Deja Usenet's Usenet Discussion Service
FTP Search by Lycos
FAST FTP Search v4.0 - The World's Largest File Search Engine
Search over 75 million files. searches by filename & short description. might be better for finding not so legal stuff. - Official website for searching the U.S. Government
IBM Patent Server
IBM Patent Server - Boolean Text Search: Usefull for looking up patents
MP3 Search Sites
The MP3 Site Search Directory Music Genres
ODP - Open Directory Project
Postal ZIP+4 Lookup
United States Postal Service - ZIP + 4 Lookup <
the way to find shareware on the Internet
YellowPages.Com - Your Online Yellow Page Directory


General Search Sites

LookSmart -Search Engines

Sky & Space

Info on the Night Sky and Outer Space

Astronomy Picture of the Day
Astronomy Picture of the Day
STD Solar and Geophysical E-Mail Product SUBSCRIPTION Form
What's Up? (in the Sky)


Sites giving much to think about. Usually sites I disagree with, but with a lot of points I'm not yet sure of.

Anti-Spanking essays
Bible Pacifism
British Medical Association Ethics Positions
Ethics <
Ishmael's Community: Welcome!
MDN Japanofile
Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand
PROJECT GUTENBERG - Search and Download Etexts
Social Security Number FAQ - History and Signifance
The MTU Freethinkers, Atheists & Rationalists Organization's Homepage
The Secular Web
The Talk.Origins Archive


reserving hotels, cars, flights; travelling tips

AAA Hoosier Motor Club Online
Enterprise Rent-A-Car: Rental Cars at great every day low rates. 5,000 locations. Rent a car today!
Hotel, resort and vacation information from
Red Roof | Site Index

U.S. Politics & Gov't

Candidates & Elected Officials for Your ZIP-Code - Project Vote Smart
Michigan Gov't.
Michigan Government Home Page
Project Vote Smart - A Voter's Self-Defense System
State of Michigan - Project Vote Smart
Survivalist / Anarchy page
Table of Articles and Amendments
The Other Holocaust : Nanjing Massacre, Unit 731 & Unit 100
USIA: Daily Washington File
Web White & Blue - 1998 Election Information

Clinton Distrust

Clinton & China's Money : Reader's Digest
Reader's Digest Magazine
Clinton's Answers to Committee : ABCNews.Com

Web Services

Tools to monitor web pages Web E-mail

AltaVista Translations
Bigfoot - Tools For The Internet (MSNBC Snap)
Everything Yahoo!
Go Mail
Greater Detroit Free-Net
iName Email
Welcome to iName Email
My Spyonit Spies - My Spies for hrabbey < - Member Login
SaintMail Express LogIn
Welcome to NetForward
Yahoo JP Mail
Yahoo Mail
Yahoo! Groups : My Groups
Yahoo! Services
ZDNet Mail
ZDNetMail JP
Welcome to ZDNetMail


DHL - Track By Tracking Number
FedEx | Track
USPS - ZIP Code Lookup


FedEx | Global Trade Manager | Find International Documents
FedEx | Transit Time


Google Mail
Gmail - Inbox
Juno Mail
SurfBest Web E-mail old pre2004
SurfBest WebMail old
access SurfBest e-mail via web
Surfbest mail
surfbest web mail
Yahoo! Mail


from AW-TC Work

5th3rd MasterCard Login
5/3 Commercial Reports - Welcome from 9/28 e-mail from Junko
DPH: Stock Chart for DELPHI
DPH: Basic Chart for DELPHI CORPORATION - Yahoo! Finance
DPHIQ: Stock chart for Delphi Post 10/2005
DPHIQ.PK: Basic Chart for - Yahoo! Finance
Google Search: Delphi
Saint Pin-out
Pin out for Saint box (and demon box hopefully) - The Universal Currency Converter 速


Chris A. Brandlehner BLOG | Is there a public free SameTime Server for Instant Messaging?
IBM - Information on Domino Access for MS Outlook (DAMO) 6.5.x
IBM - Is it Possible to Automatically Generate a Doclink in Notes?
IQuest Internet, LLC: Network Status
Kill Notes Post Crash
What will you do when Notes crashes on you? (EasyPrint)
Mick's travel tricks: more tips for setting up Notes on the road (Page 3)


Drivers for Work peripherals

Drivers & Downloads
Find Drivers
Sony Computing Support PCG-GRS100(CTO)-GRS150-GRS150P-GRS170-GRS175

Xerox Office Printing

Color Connection
Download Drivers
Order Supplies
Printer Manuals and Videos
Quick Start Tutorial
Register Printer
Xerox Office Printing Homepage

Technical Support

Technical Support Homepage


Color Connection


eNjJ T|[gz[y[W


SAINT (Systems Analysis INterface Tool) - Home
Trend Micro Pattern Files


The Worlds Largest Online Satellite and Aerial Photo Archive good for looking at locations from the air
Human Factors Design Guidelines
Kivera Maps and Directions
Traffic Reports and Alerts | Real Time Traffic | Road Conditions | Delays :: - FAQ's

Notes Databases

Notes Databases available over the web
AW-TC Plymouth iNotes
INotes: AllDocs frame

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